The Summer Transfer of 2020 to End in Early October

Freshly signed players are all getting closer to move to their new teams for the next season of European football competition. On the other hand, some teams are still pretty much searching for new players and securing new deals. All of those deals will eventually be closed and finalized on the summer transfer window later on. Concerning that particular matter, UEFA has advised that the transfer window should be closed not more than October 5th, 2020. That suggested deadline for the 2020 summer transfer window is following the European competition player registrations deadline, October 6th, 2020.

Summer Transfer of 2020

The plan of UEFA regarding the continuation of European competition that includes any schedule for future competitions is fully backed up by European Leagues’ Members. It means that there are over 900 clubs under 32 professional domestic football leagues supporting the plan. Surely some of the biggest leagues in Europe are included such as Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, English Football League, as well as the Scottish Professional Football League. It has been a productive period so far this June in terms of the way European football will go to end this season and to plan for the next season.

At first, it was said that previously the deadline for the summer transfer window is going to be October 2nd. Yet, that was before UEFA recommended the deadline to be October 5th to maximize the transfer window until before the European competition registrations deadline for all teams around Europe. All of the leagues in Europe under UEFA underline the given recommendation by UEFA for those important deadlines concerning the professional football competitions in Europe. As for the moment, almost all the entire European football communities are in the new normal period following the global pandemic break from March 2020.

Moreover, in terms of the parameters for the upcoming 2020 summer transfer window, FIFA helps setting it out. The outcome is that clubs are allowed to start negotiating before the domestic leagues are finished. The usual parameter for summer transfer is that all negotiations are to be opened after all of the leagues finished. It allows clubs to maximize the period to secure their awaited deals for new players. Yet, the FA of Britain has been discussing the possible window for summer transfer starting from August until October before the finalized UEFA recommendation is delivered to all European leagues and clubs.


The thing about transfers is closely related to financial matters of the clubs. Under the current circumstances and situations, UEFA postpones the break-even assessment of club finances for next year. The so-called Financial Fair Play rule is slightly changed at the moment. Furthermore judibolaterbaik added that the purpose of that is to let clubs adjust their financial condition following their financial situation at this time. There have been a lot of unexpected financial losses of clubs’ projected revenue due to the global pandemic. With the postponement of the break-even assessment, it is hoped that all clubs will be able to normalize their finances until the assessment next year.

New Rules in Premier League After Coronavirus’s Lockdown

The Premier League is planned to start this week. FA has arranged some new rules to face a new season of Premier League after coronavirus’s lockdown. The new rules of the Premier League in this season must be understood by Premier League supporters. The new changing face of all teams and authority in the Premier League agreed to give some important points before continuing the postponed Premier League season.

New Rules in Premier League After Coronavirus’s Lockdown

Water Break 

The authority of the Premier League made a deal for the goodness of players during playing in the continued match of the season 2019/2020. All teams and authorities agreed to give the break time or water break for every round of the match in the Premier League. The policy and rule were made due to the continuing matches of the Premier League challenging because it is held up to July entering the summertime. It means that the potency of the players suffers dehydration higher. The decision to give a water break is handled by a referee of the match. However, the report mentions that the possible time is mid of the first or second round. maxbetsbobet

Drinking Bottle 

It is still related to the water break. To supply the consumption of water, every player will get each drinking bottle. It is conducted to keep hygienists of the tools. It is also an action to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Of course, it can hamper the scary spreading of coronavirus.

No Handshake 

You shouldn’t get surprised when you watch matches on television and you will see no handshake before and after the matches. It is applied until the players’ changing room. It is a real effort to avoid and minimize the spreading of coronavirus. The players’ changing room must be sprayed by disinfectant after it has been used. It keeps sterile and minimizes the growth of coronavirus.

Five Players Substitutions 

The Premier League was played on 17th June. The new rules will limit the movements of the players for the sake of security and health. Every club may do five – players changing and extra players on the bench to be nine. This agreement was an announcement on its official site of the Premier League. The owners of clubs have made deals in the holder of the stock. The stocks’ holders of Premier League have agreed on the temporary change on the related rules with the substitutional players. For the rest of 2019/2020, a number of the maximal player’s substitutions during a match will be added from three to be five players.

It has been known in mentioned international rules in which every team playing only do three players substitutions. The Premier League has its reasons for the changing rules in which it is applied temporarily and conducted to reduce the competitive schedules of every club after three months of no playing due to COVID 19. It refreshes their body fitness, endurance, and health during passing the tight competition. The Premier League has started this weekend. Many fun matches in this biggest football competition that you must watch on television only.

The Best Male Soccer Goalkeepers of the US

In the soccer world, team play surely becomes very important element although individual ability is necessary as well. People usually see the eye catching role from the result in soccer. It means the goal which is made. However, we can make sure that impressive goal will not be able to be made if it is blocked by reliable goalkeeper. It might be true that goalkeepers usually do not make goal but the team needs brilliant goalkeeper to save it from huge loss. The United States of America has some name of male soccer goalkeepers that can be considered as the best players in the history of the US soccer history. Not only at the club level, four male goal keepers mentioned below also had given their best performance for the United States in international match including World Cup.The Best Male Soccer Goalkeepers of the US Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel is a name which must not be missed when people are talking about the best goalkeeper in the US soccer history. There no doubt that Friedel becomes the best goalkeeper in the US until today. He came from Ohio but his name is considered as one of first Americans who are respected in the world of English Premier League. He became the representation of Liverpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa, and Blackburn at that time. During his Premier League era, he had 310 appearances on the green field. He also holds the record for his most consecutive appearances in the league. When people are talking about the clean sheets, he has position at the eighth rank of all time. (Read also: Best Soccer Male Defenders of the USA)

In fact, this achievement is very impressive although he was often compared with Kasey Keller and Tim Howard. He had razor sharp reflex that did not wane by age. People cannot forget about his dominance in the penalty box. Most of his career was spent in most popular soccer league in the world. This is amazing. Great appearance was also performed by Friedel for the United States especially in 2002 World Cup. The United States had the best finish ever in the modern soccer times although there is controversial loss from Germany in the quarter final. This was the time when Friedel was called ‘The Human Wall’.

Tim Howard

2014 World Cup became the time when Tom Howard got the national acclaim. There is no question that he would be considered as one of the best goalkeeper in the US soccer history because he had impressive performance during the match of the USA against Belgium. At that time, he also played as goalkeeper of Everton and he made 16 saves. This was a record which can be found in a single match of World Cup history after all. Because of this achievement, he was dubbed as the Secretary of Defense. President Obama even called him and the hash tag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave became viral at that time. Of course we could not say that his excellent performance came instantly. It was not kind of anomaly at all because it became the fruit of consistency as well as hard work that was done for years.

He came from New Jersey and he was not only great in soccer but also in basketball. With six feet and three inches of weight, he could be successful in basketball that was more popular in the United States but his true calling brought him to the soccer world. He played for New Jersey Imperial and became star of MLS. Because of his shining performance in the United States, he was bought by Manchester United in 2003 with $4M price tag. However, his performance was not consistent and declining. World Cup could be considered as his last great performance. (Want to know the best football teams of all the time? Click here)

Kasey Keller

Nowadays, Americans are more familiar with Kasey Keller as TV analyst. However, he was considered as one of the best goalkeeper from the United States. His impressive performance could be seen since 1989 World Youth Championship. It was the starting point of his career in the soccer world until he decided to retire from the international career in 2011. He played for Leicester and Tottenham in Europe soccer league. He also became captain for Borussia Monchengladbach in 2006-2007 seasons. People could not forget her eye catching performance during 2006 World Cup when he tried his best for his country.

Even with team with just nine players at that time, he was able to made many saves from Italy that became the champion. For American players, he truly came with positioning, agility, and also brain for the game. His performance in the European league was reliable so the path was opened to other players from the United States. That is why he must be included in the list of the best goalkeeper from the United States. His performance when playing against Brazil in 1998 is remembered because he was able to save the ball five times from Romario. After receiving the label as the goalkeeper of the year in MLS, he retired at the end of 2011 season.

Tony Meola

Tony Meola surely has great role in the history of USA soccer. He had important role for starting the run for the US since the country returned to the international competition. His calling for playing soccer cannot be separated from the fact that he was born in the northern New Jersey that became the hotbed of soccer in the United States. His star was shining under the coach of University of Virginia, Bruce Arena. He was 20 years old when he successfully made four clean sheets during 1990 World Cup.USA Goalkeeper Tony Meola 1990

People must not forget that he also played when the United States successfully won against Trinidad & Tobago. With the national team, he made 32 clean sheets for his total performance. He played for the United States at three World Cups. He has aggressive style of goalkeeping. His achievement was impressive because he became the goalkeeper of the year and league MVP in 2000 as player for Kansas City Wizards of MLS. He also awarded as MLS Cup MVP at the same year.

Footnotes of Football: Football Positions and Roles

There are lots of football positions and roles in the world, and they can be included in the many football formations. To be a good football player, you need to know about the basics first, and I am here to tell you about the basics of footballing.Footnotes of Football: Football Positions and Roles

The first thing that one should consider before one can begin playing football is the positions and the roles that many football players fill. There is this thing called formation in football, and with formations come positions and roles divisions. There are lots of formations, as well, but we are not going to talk about it at the moment. What we are going to talk about at the moment is the positions and the roles that come with the positions. I am going to list the things you will need in order to excel in such position, and I do hope that after you read this, you will know what positions you might want and should be playing at.

Without further ado, let us begin with the position that is often hailed as the number one position:

The annoying goalkeeper

Football and American handegg (because the ball they got looks like an egg and not round ball), have goals as their endgame. These two goals are what each players of the opposing team should try to tear. In handegg, the goals are not guarded by anyone, so it is a wonder how one side could not even score a goal. In football, the goals are guarded by this person called a goalkeeper, so it is understandable that scoring a goal in football is hard. agen sbobet

What is a goalkeeper’s job? There are reasons why I put the ‘annoying’ before the goalkeeper because that is what goalkeepers are supposed to do. They are supposed to be annoying to the attacking team for their steadfastness in front of the goal. They are the second to the last line of defence for any football teams (with the first last line of defence being the woodwork), and it is their job to keep the ball away from that goal line behind them. They are allowed to use all parts of their body to keep any would be goal away, hands included.

They will often stand in front of their own goal, not taking part in any attack movement whatsoever, but if they wanted to be a bit niggly, they can come out of their box and sweep any loose ball provided they think they can do so. Most notable goalkeeper figures are Victor Valdes, Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas, and Rene Higuita (Valdes is there for the humour because he is not that good in case you didn’t notice).

Although clubs tend to not spend too much money on keepers, I do think they are even more important than the defenders, but that does not mean defenders are not important by any means. That is why I am going to discuss defenders next.


I once said that football comes with many different formations, and with that many formations, there will be many varied numbers of defenders that a team fields. I am going to talk about the general context, though. (Read also: The Best Male Soccer Defender of the US)


In the defender’s side, we have positions such as centre backs, side backs, and sweepers. The details for those positions are:

  • Centre backs: Defenders who stood in the middle (they are not restricted in movements, but they usually stick in the centre) and they will try to stop any forwards from getting any time on the ball. Their job is to mark attacking players and to stop any play near their side of the goal. Because they need to be imposing to other players, they are often the tallest of the bunch and they have amazing physicality. Their headers are often top notch and they are often the ones who score goals from indirect set pieces. To be a good centre backs, you need (most often than not) to be tall and to have a strong body that can withstand an attack. Speed matters not unless your coach decides to put you and your defensive partner higher than the standard defensive line. Speed, however, will be thing you need if you want to be one of the best defender’s position.
  • Side backs: Side backs are not that important before managers started to see the importance of having backs on both sides of the flanks. Side backs basically guard the two flanks and are expected to stop wingers from having a good time with the ball. In modern football, side backs will also surge to the middle of the pitch or the final third to do some crossing, so they need to be able to attack as well (people will often call them full backs because of their tendency to attack and to defend). Names such as John Arne Riise, Jordi Alba, and formerly Gareth Bale can be included in here. Good full backs require careful stamina management and stamina reservoir. Because I see them as discount wingers, they also need to be able to dribble and to cross in case the needs to do so ever arise. They do not have to be THAT technical, but a bit of technique behind them is always good.
  • Sweepers: When we play football as children, we often put the fattest kid as the goalkeeper and the scrawny-kid-that-cannot-play- football as someone whose duty is to kick the football as far as possible. Sweepers’ duty falls to the latter category. Their job is to chase loose ball and to sweep it away, so they need to have a hint of speed with them and an instinct to intercept.


The midfield is the place where the magic happens, and in this place we have several roles which includes central midfielder, attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder, and side midfielders.

  • Central midfielder: the central figure of any formation. Their job is to pass the ball and to link the ball from the defenders to the attackers. There are many ways of playing a central midfielder position, and it can range from someone who carries the ball from the centre of the field into the goal or someone who just stands there and pass the ball to a more dribble capable player. You need to be able to pass and you need to have a wonderful vision. Steven Gerrard, Ryan Giggs, and Xavi are notable central midfielders that need to be mentioned.
  • The attacking midfielder: is the midfielder that stands behind the forwards and in front of the central midfielders. They will be the one to link the attack from the midfielders to the forward and they will need to have a sufficient enough technique and vision to do so. Wayne Rooney fills this role very much before he got shifted into a more attacking position.
  • The defensive midfielder: is someone who initiate attacks from deep with his or her passing. They do not stand near the attackers, and instead stand near the defenders. Their primary role is to make passes from deep, but their secondary role is to help defenders defend the goal.
  • The side midfielder: this might be a bit paradoxical because how you can you be on the side when you are on the mid, but it is more because this particular position stands on the flanks. It is basically a full back that is positioned a bit higher and with less defensive responsibilities. You will need the same skill as a full back to be able to excel in this position, but you will have to attack more if you are in this position.


Forwards can be divided into several roles, but generally, you get two. Those are centre forwards and wingers.

  • Centre forwards: are the forwards that should be the tip of the spear. They are required to score goals and to be the end of any plays. A more technical forward can go deep and support any other attacking players. They need to have a keen eye for goal and they need to be proficient with their finishing. Fernando Torres, Ian Rush, and Francesco Totti are all strikers that are famous and talented.
  • Wingers: are forwards that will attack the goal from the flanks. They can do so by cutting inside or they can cross in order to supply balls to the centre forwards. Finishing is not their main purpose, but they need to be able to kick the ball into the back of the net (especially if they are cutting inside).

I hope this article in football positions and roles can help you make up your minds regarding the position of your choice.

The Compendium of Legends: Best Football Teams of All Time

Although football teams always change in terms of performance, there are several teams in several years that I think are the best football teams of all time.

I have found not in this world a game that creates even more legends than this particular type of sport. This game is always filled with euphoria that will entice any that got stuck around it, and no doubt that it is also a sport that echoes through centuries. Football has only gotten better with each alliteration, and with each passing years came something to remember from this sport. The-Compendium-of-Legends---Best-Football-Teams-of-All-Time

Football (the one you actually kick the ball with the foot, not the one where you hold the ball with your hand) is a team game, and to have the team do good in national or international leagues, they have to have quality players all around. A good team does not consist of only prolific goal scorer. A good team does not consist of only talented playmakers. A good team does not consist of only stalwart defenders. A good team has to fulfil all of them for it to be called a good team, and boy oh boy how history has been the careful observer of the best teams to grace the green field.

This article here was made for those who wanted to know more about the teams that plays or once played gracefully. When one is a particular fan of this sport, one should know about all the things that come with it. Here are the best teams that I think have played very well in their time:

The 2004’s Arsenal

Arsenal is a team with a long history and a loyal manager. Arsene Wenger has been dubbed as the one who has brought changes to how a club based on England played their football, and it really shows in 2004. Back in the 2003-2004 season, they were totally unbeaten by any other teams and they managed to earn 90 points, which is something that I think a very good thing for any football teams. Although one might question why did Arsenal managed to win every game back in the days, the answer lied behind these several names that I am going to mention: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, and Robert Pires. All of those players were top quality players, and Arsenal was lucky to be able to field them all together in a team.


Remember that announcer who repeatedly shouted Bergkamp’s name when he was playing for Netherland after he scored that particular goal? The same gravity can be felt when he was playing for Arsenal.

The 1988’s AC Milan

Milan is a city filled with wonders, and from all of those wonders come two most prominent football clubs in the world: AC Milan and Inter Milan. While Inter Milan is good on their own terms, I want to talk about how AC Milan managed to dominate Champions League and Italian League for three times and four times for each respective competitions. They got a nice 6 years for them with players such as Paolo Maldini, Baresi, Van Basten, and Rijkaard.

Liverpool, but back in 1984

Liverpudlian might argue that 2005 is their best moment ever thanks to that greatest comeback of all time (they were losing to AC Milan back then. Somehow, they came back from lots of goal deficits and came to win the Champion’s League). Sure 2005 is filled with the best of the best. Steven Gerrard, John Arne Riise, Jerzy Dudek, and Sami Hyypia are by no means bad players. They are good, but they are not as good as the players in the 1984’s Liverpool.

I am talking about Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen, and Graeme Souness. Every good Liverpool fans will know that name to the heart, and those who have been a long fan of the club will certainly shed a tear hearing those names.

Real Madrid, again in 1955-1960

Real Madrid in 2017 is a team that is filled with stars all around (although with a manager that I think a bit incompetent). No wonder that lots of people admire them for the quality football they have played. They are a club with lot of fan bases all over the world, and football lovers overseas have often said that Madrid is their only favourite team.Real-Madrid,-again-in-1955-1960

However, one should always remember the Madrid which got Ferenc Puskas and Alfredo Di Stefano. The duo led Madrid to five champion’s cup victories in a row, which is a nice feat to show the fans how dedicated you are to the team.

Manchester United, but when under Sir Alex Ferguson in 1999

Manchester United, under Sir Alex Ferguson, is probably one of the most unbeatable teams of all time. I am a Liverpool fan, and every time there is a clash between the two teams, I am always afraid of losing. They are a team of great might and they looked like they could take on the world back then. They are a club with good players and with good reputation, but nothing can beat their 1999 achievement.

What makes the 1999 a good year for them? They did not do anything except for winning like almost every competitions they were playing in. Premier League, FA Cup, Champions league, all in one season. It should not be a thing to ponder on, however, because they got quality players such as Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, and Keane.

Although today’s Beckham can only look good in front of cameras, yesterday’s Beckham was someone who could pass a ball from one side to another, all the while having that ball land precisely on the receiving end’s foot.

2009’s Barcelona

Barcelona, as of 2017, is a good team by all means. They are better in 2009, though. One might not think that a Spanish club could get a treble, but 2009’s Barcelona did and that achievement was something that every Barcelona fans should be proud of. They got Messi, one of the finest football player ever, and also Pep Guardiola. If you are already this far in this article and you do not have any idea who Pep Guardiola is, then there must be something wrong here.

Those are the teams and their corresponding year in which I think they are the best football teams of all time.

The Best Male Soccer Defenders of the US

The role of defender is very important for the soccer team although they do not placed under the spotlight often. Nevertheless, people can see the defenders who play greatly. Here are the names of the best male defenders that can be found in the US soccer history.


Eddie Pope

There is no doubt that people have to consider Eddie Pope as the defender with the most complete skill in the history of US national soccer team. The great appearance of Pope in the soccer world could be found in 1996. He became the starter for Bruce Arena as well as DC United in the Major League Soccer. During the final match of inaugural MLS Cup, he made the golden goal for winning the game. After his impressive performance, he had the opportunity to join the team under the US coach, Steve Sampson. He played on the backline for the US team for three World Cup events. Two of them were couched by Arena. His appearance has great impact to US national team especially during 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea. He helped to defeat Mexico 2-0. Unfortunately, he got the red card which is pretty controversial during the match against Italy in 1-1 draw. It also became his last game as part of US national team. He had so many chances to play in the European league but he was so loyal to MLS. He played for DC United, MetroStars, as well as Real Salt Lake. His international career was finished with 82 caps and also eight goals.

Carlos Bocanegra

Maybe people who are new in the soccer world will have very big question about the reason why Carlos Bocanegra should be included in the list not only of the best defender but also the best soccer players in the US. There was a time when the outfielders from the US find a hard time for finding their career overseas. However, Bocanegra became the defender as part of Fulham team at Premier League. He also became the captain of Cottagers and Rangers. People must not forget that e also became the captain of national team of US for six years including for one World Cup. His position was as defender but people could see that he had fearless performance not only at the base line but also at the front line. He created 14 goals and it became kind of proof about his potent weapon. At the time when the national team depends on the counter attack for offense, he became the defender. It must be a hard work of course because the team was forced to deal with long stretch defending without any breaking down. Because of his steadiness and reliability during the time of US rising on the world stage, Landon Donovan made him as captain of the team.

Carlos Bocanegra

Marcelo Balboa

There must be a reason why Marcelo Balboa was labeled as iron man. In fact, he was durable and reliable. More importantly, he also played very important role in the defense approach revolution of the US team. That is why he became the key player of the US team for 1994 World Cup. He came from Argentinean family who was crazy of soccer, he used the defense technique when the defenders of the US thought that playing ball on the ground is more important than smashing it away for getting the possession of the ball. If people are looking for the soccer player of the US that is able to break 100 caps mark, Balboa must be the guy. He played for six clubs during his career but he thought that Mexican club Leon was the most important part of his career. He was awarded as the US soccer athlete of the year three times in 1992, 1994, and also 1995. Her career with MLS was started in 1996 when he played for Colorado Rapids. His appearance could not be separated from beard as well as flowing locks but soccer public surely would remember him for propensity for the spectacular. He got international acclaim after he was made scissors kick which was nearly miss in 1994 World Cup. He also created bicycle kick and it was awarded as goal of the year for 2000 MLS season. It was considered as one of the best kick in the MLS history after all.

Steve Cherundolo

Because Steve Cherundolo never played in the MLS league, Americans maybe were not so familiar with him. Nevertheless, people could make sure that he could be considered as the most consistent US team member. One thing for sure, he became great American soccer ambassador abroad. He was criticized bout his difficulty to adapt as well as assimilate to the foreign culture but he could be great example for American players. He worked hard to learn the German culture and language so he could be closer to the supporters. As defender, he can pass impressively and he had solid performance. However, his professionalism and consistency made him has great reputation. His entire career was spent in Germany. He became Hannover 96 hero and legend. During 2010-2011 seasons, he became the captain for the club. He also became part of US national team for World Cup in 2006 and 2010. He won 87 caps before he finally retired in 2012. There is no doubt that he could be the best example in the American soccer because he knew the way for getting the job done without being flashy.

Steve Cherundolo

Alexi Lalas

Last but not least, Alexi Lalas can be considered as the celebrity of US soccer world. He stands out because he had long hair and beard. He grabbed public attention as well when he became player for Padova in Serie A and MLS player. After being part of the best European league, he could win the MLS title with LA Galaxy. He also played for other club before he became part of general management as well as TV people. His passionate and sometimes mischievous performance made people remember him as US player for sure.