The Compendium of Legends: Best Football Teams of All Time

Although football teams always change in terms of performance, there are several teams in several years that I think are the best football teams of all time.

I have found not in this world a game that creates even more legends than this particular type of sport. This game is always filled with euphoria that will entice any that got stuck around it, and no doubt that it is also a sport that echoes through centuries. Football has only gotten better with each alliteration, and with each passing years came something to remember from this sport. The-Compendium-of-Legends---Best-Football-Teams-of-All-Time

Football (the one you actually kick the ball with the foot, not the one where you hold the ball with your hand) is a team game, and to have the team do good in national or international leagues, they have to have quality players all around. A good team does not consist of only prolific goal scorer. A good team does not consist of only talented playmakers. A good team does not consist of only stalwart defenders. A good team has to fulfil all of them for it to be called a good team, and boy oh boy how history has been the careful observer of the best teams to grace the green field.

This article here was made for those who wanted to know more about the teams that plays or once played gracefully. When one is a particular fan of this sport, one should know about all the things that come with it. Here are the best teams that I think have played very well in their time:

The 2004’s Arsenal

Arsenal is a team with a long history and a loyal manager. Arsene Wenger has been dubbed as the one who has brought changes to how a club based on England played their football, and it really shows in 2004. Back in the 2003-2004 season, they were totally unbeaten by any other teams and they managed to earn 90 points, which is something that I think a very good thing for any football teams. Although one might question why did Arsenal managed to win every game back in the days, the answer lied behind these several names that I am going to mention: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, and Robert Pires. All of those players were top quality players, and Arsenal was lucky to be able to field them all together in a team.


Remember that announcer who repeatedly shouted Bergkamp’s name when he was playing for Netherland after he scored that particular goal? The same gravity can be felt when he was playing for Arsenal.

The 1988’s AC Milan

Milan is a city filled with wonders, and from all of those wonders come two most prominent football clubs in the world: AC Milan and Inter Milan. While Inter Milan is good on their own terms, I want to talk about how AC Milan managed to dominate Champions League and Italian League for three times and four times for each respective competitions. They got a nice 6 years for them with players such as Paolo Maldini, Baresi, Van Basten, and Rijkaard.

Liverpool, but back in 1984

Liverpudlian might argue that 2005 is their best moment ever thanks to that greatest comeback of all time (they were losing to AC Milan back then. Somehow, they came back from lots of goal deficits and came to win the Champion’s League). Sure 2005 is filled with the best of the best. Steven Gerrard, John Arne Riise, Jerzy Dudek, and Sami Hyypia are by no means bad players. They are good, but they are not as good as the players in the 1984’s Liverpool.

I am talking about Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen, and Graeme Souness. Every good Liverpool fans will know that name to the heart, and those who have been a long fan of the club will certainly shed a tear hearing those names.

Real Madrid, again in 1955-1960

Real Madrid in 2017 is a team that is filled with stars all around (although with a manager that I think a bit incompetent). No wonder that lots of people admire them for the quality football they have played. They are a club with lot of fan bases all over the world, and football lovers overseas have often said that Madrid is their only favourite team.Real-Madrid,-again-in-1955-1960

However, one should always remember the Madrid which got Ferenc Puskas and Alfredo Di Stefano. The duo led Madrid to five champion’s cup victories in a row, which is a nice feat to show the fans how dedicated you are to the team.

Manchester United, but when under Sir Alex Ferguson in 1999

Manchester United, under Sir Alex Ferguson, is probably one of the most unbeatable teams of all time. I am a Liverpool fan, and every time there is a clash between the two teams, I am always afraid of losing. They are a team of great might and they looked like they could take on the world back then. They are a club with good players and with good reputation, but nothing can beat their 1999 achievement.

What makes the 1999 a good year for them? They did not do anything except for winning like almost every competitions they were playing in. Premier League, FA Cup, Champions league, all in one season. It should not be a thing to ponder on, however, because they got quality players such as Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, and Keane.

Although today’s Beckham can only look good in front of cameras, yesterday’s Beckham was someone who could pass a ball from one side to another, all the while having that ball land precisely on the receiving end’s foot.

2009’s Barcelona

Barcelona, as of 2017, is a good team by all means. They are better in 2009, though. One might not think that a Spanish club could get a treble, but 2009’s Barcelona did and that achievement was something that every Barcelona fans should be proud of. They got Messi, one of the finest football player ever, and also Pep Guardiola. If you are already this far in this article and you do not have any idea who Pep Guardiola is, then there must be something wrong here.

Those are the teams and their corresponding year in which I think they are the best football teams of all time.

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