The Best Male Soccer Goalkeepers of the US

In the soccer world, team play surely becomes very important element although individual ability is necessary as well. People usually see the eye catching role from the result in soccer. It means the goal which is made. However, we can make sure that impressive goal will not be able to be made if it is blocked by reliable goalkeeper. It might be true that goalkeepers usually do not make goal but the team needs brilliant goalkeeper to save it from huge loss. The United States of America has some name of male soccer goalkeepers that can be considered as the best players in the history of the US soccer history. Not only at the club level, four male goal keepers mentioned below also had given their best performance for the United States in international match including World Cup.The Best Male Soccer Goalkeepers of the US Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel is a name which must not be missed when people are talking about the best goalkeeper in the US soccer history. There no doubt that Friedel becomes the best goalkeeper in the US until today. He came from Ohio but his name is considered as one of first Americans who are respected in the world of English Premier League. He became the representation of Liverpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa, and Blackburn at that time. During his Premier League era, he had 310 appearances on the green field. He also holds the record for his most consecutive appearances in the league. When people are talking about the clean sheets, he has position at the eighth rank of all time. (Read also: Best Soccer Male Defenders of the USA)

In fact, this achievement is very impressive although he was often compared with Kasey Keller and Tim Howard. He had razor sharp reflex that did not wane by age. People cannot forget about his dominance in the penalty box. Most of his career was spent in most popular soccer league in the world. This is amazing. Great appearance was also performed by Friedel for the United States especially in 2002 World Cup. The United States had the best finish ever in the modern soccer times although there is controversial loss from Germany in the quarter final. This was the time when Friedel was called ‘The Human Wall’.

Tim Howard

2014 World Cup became the time when Tom Howard got the national acclaim. There is no question that he would be considered as one of the best goalkeeper in the US soccer history because he had impressive performance during the match of the USA against Belgium. At that time, he also played as goalkeeper of Everton and he made 16 saves. This was a record which can be found in a single match of World Cup history after all. Because of this achievement, he was dubbed as the Secretary of Defense. President Obama even called him and the hash tag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave became viral at that time. Of course we could not say that his excellent performance came instantly. It was not kind of anomaly at all because it became the fruit of consistency as well as hard work that was done for years.

He came from New Jersey and he was not only great in soccer but also in basketball. With six feet and three inches of weight, he could be successful in basketball that was more popular in the United States but his true calling brought him to the soccer world. He played for New Jersey Imperial and became star of MLS. Because of his shining performance in the United States, he was bought by Manchester United in 2003 with $4M price tag. However, his performance was not consistent and declining. World Cup could be considered as his last great performance. (Want to know the best football teams of all the time? Click here)

Kasey Keller

Nowadays, Americans are more familiar with Kasey Keller as TV analyst. However, he was considered as one of the best goalkeeper from the United States. His impressive performance could be seen since 1989 World Youth Championship. It was the starting point of his career in the soccer world until he decided to retire from the international career in 2011. He played for Leicester and Tottenham in Europe soccer league. He also became captain for Borussia Monchengladbach in 2006-2007 seasons. People could not forget her eye catching performance during 2006 World Cup when he tried his best for his country.

Even with team with just nine players at that time, he was able to made many saves from Italy that became the champion. For American players, he truly came with positioning, agility, and also brain for the game. His performance in the European league was reliable so the path was opened to other players from the United States. That is why he must be included in the list of the best goalkeeper from the United States. His performance when playing against Brazil in 1998 is remembered because he was able to save the ball five times from Romario. After receiving the label as the goalkeeper of the year in MLS, he retired at the end of 2011 season.

Tony Meola

Tony Meola surely has great role in the history of USA soccer. He had important role for starting the run for the US since the country returned to the international competition. His calling for playing soccer cannot be separated from the fact that he was born in the northern New Jersey that became the hotbed of soccer in the United States. His star was shining under the coach of University of Virginia, Bruce Arena. He was 20 years old when he successfully made four clean sheets during 1990 World Cup.USA Goalkeeper Tony Meola 1990

People must not forget that he also played when the United States successfully won against Trinidad & Tobago. With the national team, he made 32 clean sheets for his total performance. He played for the United States at three World Cups. He has aggressive style of goalkeeping. His achievement was impressive because he became the goalkeeper of the year and league MVP in 2000 as player for Kansas City Wizards of MLS. He also awarded as MLS Cup MVP at the same year.

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