Cartoon avatars are booming

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Cartoon avatars have been gaining in popularity tremendously in recent times. There are tons of apps, websites and services to help you create your own cartoon avatar. People have been using them in a wide variety of ways, from making these their social media profile pictures to forum profile mugshots and even print posters. Pictures are certainly worth a thousand words but the artistic impression of one’s own personality is not so readily available in the digital age. This is why people seem to be taking to cartoon avatars in a big way.

Not only do people get their own avatars made, they also choose from a wide variety of ready made cartoon characters that seem to portray their personality very well. Whether it is the features of the cartoon character or their action portrayed in the caricature, their portrayal enables people to relate to them in a way that endears these characters to their psyche. People associate some characters as being the ideal versions of what they wish to be. Whether it is girls who yearn for the perfect beach body or guys who associate with characters that have sculpted abs, the perfection in looks drives these cartoon characters’ adoption as avatars.

The best path to follow is to get your own cartoon avatar created as it is a distinct mark of your own personality without any distortion from your real self. The cartoon portrayal of yours may often hide certain subtle characteristics and over-emphasize an overwhelmingly dominant trait. This is what gives it a life of its own and clearly communicates what you are all about. Having your own avatar created also avoids stereotyping your personality and kills prejudice. There are a ton of benefits to using your own cartoon avatar. These include:


A cartoon avatar as your profile picture gives a sense of privacy and security as your real photograph is not revealed to the world. It reduces the chances of your photo being misused or copied by people with ill intentions. It provides privacy without coming across as too protective as your friends and relatives can still know that it is the real you, which is not the case if you use any random picture as your profile picture just for the sake of privacy. Such use may also make you come across as a troll or a fake social media account. These problems can be kept at bay by using your own cartoon avatar.

Privacy can be a major issue in the cyber age especially for young people as more and more youngsters get on social media platforms and use it for their day to day communications. Using avatars can be a ‘cool’ way to help them protect their space and provide privacy in the social media sphere that has been constantly criticized for cases of cyber-bullying, impersonation and the like.

Artistic Expression

This is one of the major reasons why people use avatars on social media. It puts you across as a fashionable and artistic person. A suave personality is the reason most people love the use of avatars. You will come across as somebody who has a vivid artistic expression and a sense of style that is unmatched. The simple use of an avatar can literally change the way, the world looks at you on social media. As your interaction with people grows, your avatar’s presence or comment anywhere on social media will have a meaning of its own.


As your use of the avatar grows, people with time, will begin to recognize it wherever you use it, be it on a messaging app or on your own website or in any advertising material. If you have an online business, it can help you tremendously for branding the business. If your social media personality is someone that people respect and love, the same feeling will brush across to your business when they see the avatar on your website. While legendary branding has been created with avatars over the years, take KFC for example, the simple use of an avatar can add a different level of professionalism into your dealings with clients and the press. The use of avatars for social or political commentators or content creators of all areas is immense. People tend to instantly relate to avatars in such arenas.