The Summer Transfer of 2020 to End in Early October

Freshly signed players are all getting closer to move to their new teams for the next season of European football competition. On the other hand, some teams are still pretty much searching for new players and securing new deals. All of those deals will eventually be closed and finalized on the summer transfer window later on. Concerning that particular matter, UEFA has advised that the transfer window should be closed not more than October 5th, 2020. That suggested deadline for the 2020 summer transfer window is following the European competition player registrations deadline, October 6th, 2020.

Summer Transfer of 2020

The plan of UEFA regarding the continuation of European competition that includes any schedule for future competitions is fully backed up by European Leagues’ Members. It means that there are over 900 clubs under 32 professional domestic football leagues supporting the plan. Surely some of the biggest leagues in Europe are included such as Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, English Football League, as well as the Scottish Professional Football League. It has been a productive period so far this June in terms of the way European football will go to end this season and to plan for the next season.

At first, it was said that previously the deadline for the summer transfer window is going to be October 2nd. Yet, that was before UEFA recommended the deadline to be October 5th to maximize the transfer window until before the European competition registrations deadline for all teams around Europe. All of the leagues in Europe under UEFA underline the given recommendation by UEFA for those important deadlines concerning the professional football competitions in Europe. As for the moment, almost all the entire European football communities are in the new normal period following the global pandemic break from March 2020.

Moreover, in terms of the parameters for the upcoming 2020 summer transfer window, FIFA helps setting it out. The outcome is that clubs are allowed to start negotiating before the domestic leagues are finished. The usual parameter for summer transfer is that all negotiations are to be opened after all of the leagues finished. It allows clubs to maximize the period to secure their awaited deals for new players. Yet, the FA of Britain has been discussing the possible window for summer transfer starting from August until October before the finalized UEFA recommendation is delivered to all European leagues and clubs.


The thing about transfers is closely related to financial matters of the clubs. Under the current circumstances and situations, UEFA postpones the break-even assessment of club finances for next year. The so-called Financial Fair Play rule is slightly changed at the moment. Furthermore judibolaterbaik added that the purpose of that is to let clubs adjust their financial condition following their financial situation at this time. There have been a lot of unexpected financial losses of clubs’ projected revenue due to the global pandemic. With the postponement of the break-even assessment, it is hoped that all clubs will be able to normalize their finances until the assessment next year.

New Rules in Premier League After Coronavirus’s Lockdown

The Premier League is planned to start this week. FA has arranged some new rules to face a new season of Premier League after coronavirus’s lockdown. The new rules of the Premier League in this season must be understood by Premier League supporters. The new changing face of all teams and authority in the Premier League agreed to give some important points before continuing the postponed Premier League season.

New Rules in Premier League After Coronavirus’s Lockdown

Water Break 

The authority of the Premier League made a deal for the goodness of players during playing in the continued match of the season 2019/2020. All teams and authorities agreed to give the break time or water break for every round of the match in the Premier League. The policy and rule were made due to the continuing matches of the Premier League challenging because it is held up to July entering the summertime. It means that the potency of the players suffers dehydration higher. The decision to give a water break is handled by a referee of the match. However, the report mentions that the possible time is mid of the first or second round. maxbetsbobet

Drinking Bottle 

It is still related to the water break. To supply the consumption of water, every player will get each drinking bottle. It is conducted to keep hygienists of the tools. It is also an action to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Of course, it can hamper the scary spreading of coronavirus.

No Handshake 

You shouldn’t get surprised when you watch matches on television and you will see no handshake before and after the matches. It is applied until the players’ changing room. It is a real effort to avoid and minimize the spreading of coronavirus. The players’ changing room must be sprayed by disinfectant after it has been used. It keeps sterile and minimizes the growth of coronavirus.

Five Players Substitutions 

The Premier League was played on 17th June. The new rules will limit the movements of the players for the sake of security and health. Every club may do five – players changing and extra players on the bench to be nine. This agreement was an announcement on its official site of the Premier League. The owners of clubs have made deals in the holder of the stock. The stocks’ holders of Premier League have agreed on the temporary change on the related rules with the substitutional players. For the rest of 2019/2020, a number of the maximal player’s substitutions during a match will be added from three to be five players.

It has been known in mentioned international rules in which every team playing only do three players substitutions. The Premier League has its reasons for the changing rules in which it is applied temporarily and conducted to reduce the competitive schedules of every club after three months of no playing due to COVID 19. It refreshes their body fitness, endurance, and health during passing the tight competition. The Premier League has started this weekend. Many fun matches in this biggest football competition that you must watch on television only.